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Serving Utah’s Powerwashing Needs

Feel free to call Power Stream USA LLC when you need service in Holladay for skilled pressure washing. It’s still a common misconception that power washing is an appropriate DIY job, although it’s not true.

Exterior cleaning is a job that’s best left to industry pros with industry training and hands-on expertise. The risk of bodily injury or property damage is too high for a suitable do-it-yourself project.

Power washing your residential or commercial property exterior isn’t worth the gamble when you can pass the task off to our team. You’ll avoid the possibility of injuries or repairs, plus you’ll be happier with the results of the cleaning for your Holladay home or business. It’s too easy to cause personal injury or property damage – so why take the chance?

Holladay Locals Count On Us For Parking Lot Cleaning

Owning a business in Holladay can be quite lucrative – if you play your cards right. While some of your success may be luck, most of it is based on hard work and smart planning.

One vital step business owners tend to overlook is the need for professional exterior cleaning – including the parking area. If you’re not taking care of regular parking lot cleaning for your business, what will your customers think?

Not cleaning your parking area tells your customers that you don’t care – whether you realize it or not. The outside of your business makes an impression, and it’s up to you if that will be a positive or negative one. Our cleaning service will take care of problems like:

  • Spilled Soda Pop
  • Bird Droppings
  • Chewing Gum
  • Oil, Grease, and Antifreeze
  • Dumpster Runoff

Be a smart entrepreneur and take the opportunity to schedule your exterior cleaning, including your storefront, parking lot, and common areas.

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House Washing Improves Your Holladay Home

The general term for exterior cleaning is pressure washing, but more than one method can be used. The primary difference between power and pressure washing is the temperature of the water.

However, when it comes to soft washing, it’s a much different process. Our soft washing relies on cleaning solutions to get the job done, instead of high-pressure water. At Power Stream USA LLC, we choose the cleaning method based on the job that we’re taking care of. We offer:

  • Brick Washing
  • Swimming Pools
  • Garages
  • And more

We select the cleaning method that will work safely and effectively for whatever surface you need to have cleaned. Contact us for house washing and other exterior cleaning services in Holladay.