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Nothing is more problematic for home or business owners than knowing that their property has been vandalized by graffiti. Painting over graffiti is considered the cheapest and fastest way to remove graffiti. However, merely covering up the problem has been shown to cause even more trouble in the long run, as unwanted images can bleed through and peel due to external environmental factors. Luckily, pressure washing is a great way to get your home back in the right shape. Pressure washing and soft washing can be used to treat stubborn graffiti on fences, sidewalks, building surfaces, and more!

Removing Graffiti With Pressure Washing

If graffiti is present on a surface that requires careful handling, soft washing is the safest method of removal. Soft washing gently rids your property of stains caused by graffiti and protects it from additional damage. Graffiti removal experts possess the skills needed to restore your home or business’s exterior and bring it back to its original beauty. We understand how important your property’s appearance is, and we eliminate graffiti vandalism by offering the right solutions.

Pressure Washing For More Than Just Graffiti

At Power Stream USA, we take graffiti removal seriously! We are a full-service pressure washing company that handles other cleaning problems, such as house washing and concrete cleaning. Contact us today to find out more about our graffiti removal and other cleaning solutions.

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