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Graffiti Removal

Offering Salt Lake City Graffiti Removal For Homes And Businesses

Top local resource in Salt Lake City for professional graffiti removal.

Power Stream USA LLC is proud of the reputation that we’ve earned as a top local resource in Salt Lake City for professional graffiti removal. When you need any pressure washing in the Salt Lake City area, we’re the company to trust for superior exterior cleaning.

We offer service to residential and commercial customers, helping undo the damage that’s been done by vandals. The sooner you have your graffiti removed, the quicker you send a message and prevent more vandalism from occurring.

Residential Graffiti Removal Service

Although graffiti removal isn’t as commonly necessary for residential homes, it still happens. When your home or residential property is targeted, act swiftly by calling in the pros at Power Stream USA LLC.

We offer exceptional exterior cleaning services for our local homeowners, including the removal of graffiti. Get in touch with our experts today and schedule your service as soon as possible

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Graffiti Removal Service Before & After

Before Service

Before our services, this example wall was all out of proportion with Graffiti that ruined the appeal of the property

After Service

After Power Stream USA came in, this property was much more customer friendly and we can help you do the same. 

Commercial Graffiti Removal Service

Pressure washing is a useful tool for graffiti removal for commercial customers too. Business can take a dive if you don’t quickly remove graffiti.

Not only does a spray-painted building look abandoned, but it also attracts more of the same type of vandalism. Let us help you take good care of your business with our commercial exterior cleaning work.

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